• Fireworks are a nuisance
    June 28,2014

    Fireworks are a nuisance

    Are you aware that fireworks can trigger post-traumatic syndrome in soldiers who have fought for our freedom? It is well documented that the sound triggers the memory of being in war. Just think about that.

    Ever notice the lost pet posters up the day after fireworks? Many pet owners have animals that shake and even panic. If owners are not notified in advance, as was the case a Friday night recently, pets that are outdoors disappear out of fear and can be hours, if ever, to return. What about the wildlife in our neighborhoods and the nature center?

    Many small children are scared to death of the booms and shaking of our homes. Arenít we concerned about these children?

    You have no idea the impact on someone who is ill or has chosen to be able to die in their home. Just imagine a difficult day, the caregiver has finally gotten the personís pain controlled and settled down, suddenly the silence of the night is destroyed, the room and bed literally shaking. Is this compassion in our community?

    Fireworks used to be a treat once a year. Now they are mostly a nuisance. They are far too frequent now. They really are no more than an invasion of privacy. Displays in the city area should not be allowed in these high-density residential areas.

    In a city where we have homeless people, a food pantry and free meals due to the need and the highest property taxes, how do we justify the money wasted in the sky?

    I am sure folks just have not ever realized the negative impact aspect. Please consider compassion over selfishness regarding fireworks. Please express your concern to our mayor.

    Rosalyn Morrell


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