• Consider all consequences
    June 28,2014

    Consider all consequences

    Mr. Schneider is correct in stating in his letter to the editor that bullying does have its consequences. In this particular case the Boy Scouts have been told that since the organization is not all inclusive they will not be allowed to sell bottled water at the parade in Montpelier. This probably could count as a civics lesson for the Boy Scouts since itís been gay men and women over many years who have been bullied, and beaten and killed in the name of the ďpolitical correctnessĒ with no one to champion or speak for them.

    I would like to find out what the Scouts themselves think of their supposed mentorsí inability to get over the fact that some of the population of the world is in fact gay and that it has absolutely no bearing at all on decent behavior. The attitude of the Boy Scouts organization that they should continue to sally forth a ďdonít ask, donít tellĒ and donít be gay attitude is antiquated and just plain sad. It does not address the issue, but stuffs it in a closet where they imagine itíll go away.

    What kind of teacher ignores part of the world around them simply because it makes them uncomfortable to talk about it? Kudos to the Montpelier City Council for taking the heat for being decent people.

    Perhaps the Boy Scouts of America will take this as a hint that they live in the 21st century and not in the 20th.

    Christopher Maloney


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