• Barre Police Log: Man hit with coffee; tires are vandalized
    December 31,2013

    The following is a sampling of calls to Barre police in recent days.

    Dec. 23

    A Brook Street resident found a sleeping bag, jacket and pillow on their back porch.

    A vehicle’s tires were slashed in a North Main Street parking lot.

    Someone stole a digital camera from a Fairview Street residence.

    A black purse was lost on Merchants Row.

    Four tires were flattened on a vehicle on Smith Street and items were missing from it.

    A two-car accident occurred on Nelson Street around 3:30 p.m. No injuries were reported.

    Dec. 24

    A two-car accident occurred on Summer Street around noon. No injuries were reported.

    A bicycle was reported stolen on Ayers Street.

    A man threw a cup of hot coffee at another man, burning his chest, on North Main Street.

    On Summer Street, a woman reported her three children stole her Suboxone when they came to visit.

    A man tried to use counterfeit money on North Main Street.

    Dec. 25

    Someone broke into a North Main Street building, broke all the coffee machines and wrote on the wall, “Coffee is bad for you.”

    A two-car accident occurred on Elm Street around 1 p.m. No injuries were reported.

    A woman on Summer Street reported her adult children trashed her apartment.

    Dec. 26

    A water main broke on Willey Street.

    A man reported his kids received two counterfeit $5 bills from a South Main Street business.

    Drug activity was reported on Plain Street.

    Dec. 27

    A dog was barking for hours on Patterson Street.

    A dog was running loose on Second Street.

    Medication and speakers were stolen from an unlocked vehicle on Pearl Street.

    A black case with CDs inside was found on Summer Street.

    A yellow Lab was running in and out of traffic on Berlin Street.

    Dec. 28

    An inspection sticker was taken from a vehicle on Seminary Street.

    Military items were stolen from a garage on Wellington Street.

    A syringe was found on the sidewalk on North Main Street.

    On North Main Street, a male was riding a bicycle and had a dog on a leash, dragging the dog behind him.

    Someone smashed the window of a vehicle on Depot Street and took a purse and other items from the vehicle.

    Dec. 29

    A cup of change was stolen from an unlocked vehicle on Scampini Square.

    On Vine Street, a purse was found lying beside the roadway.

    A wallet was stolen from an unlocked vehicle on Blackwell Street.

    On Pearl Street, an apartment was broken into and items were missing.

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