• Montpelier Police Log: Bartender reportedly threatened with gun
    December 04,2013

    The following is a sampling of calls to Montpelier police in recent days.

    Nov. 25

    A credit card was lost on Elm Street.

    A two-car crash occurred at the intersection of Berlin and Wheelock streets around 3:45 p.m. No injuries were reported.

    Credit cards and a license were lost at the intersection of Langdon and Elm streets.

    Nov. 26

    Three males were underneath the railroad tracks between the Carr Lot and Shaw’s drinking alcohol.

    A two-car crash occurred at the intersection of River Street and Granite Street around 9:45 a.m. No injuries were reported.

    A report was made of brochures disappearing from a business, but no location was given.

    Nov. 27

    A road sign was down in the roadway at the intersection of Memorial Drive and National Life Drive.

    A two-car crash occurred at the intersection of Main and College streets around 7 p.m. No injuries were reported.

    Snow tires were stolen from an Elm Street garage.

    Nov. 28

    A man threatened a bartender with a pistol on Langdon Street.

    Someone damaged some property at a car wash on River Street.

    A car slid off the road on Cedar Hill Lane. No injuries were reported.

    Nov. 29

    A manhole cover was misaligned on Berlin Street.

    On Jacobs parking lot, a car broke down.

    Vehicles were racing on River Street.

    Nov. 30

    Two dogs went missing in Hubbard Park but were later located and reunited with their owners.

    A manhole cover was reported missing on East State Street, but police checked the area and found the complaint unfounded.

    Dec. 1

    A two-car crash occurred on Gallison Hill Road around 6 p.m. No injuries were reported.

    A student identification card was found on Pitkin Court.

    There were multiple calls about a misaligned manhole cover on Berlin Street.

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