• The wrong direction
    December 02,2013

    The wrong direction

    I would like to point out for the readers, if they are not already aware (as clearly the local “media” doesn’t see fit to make the issue of this that it should) that Attorney General Sorrell is one of seven state attorneysgeneral suing the EPA to further restrict the use of wood-burning heat sources.

    Apparently, it has not occurred to him that many rely on this inexpensive source of heat in an area where a substantial amount of heat is needed in the cold winter months. What, I would ask, is the purpose of further strangling struggling Vermonters? Perhaps those that struggle to pay their bills in this crumbling, doomed economy are not his true concern? Does he truly believe that stopping the use of wood heat would have any impact on global carbon emissions?

    First of all, China is the planet’s biggest pollution problem, and like it or not they do not care. Second, the generation of electricity and transportation are the two biggest sources of carbon emissions in the nation (non-fossil fuel combustion accounts for 6 percent of total emissions nationwide).

    So we will further increase our reliance on foreign oil (because we know the EPA is already strangling the economy by restricting domestic production) or we’ll heat with electricity (the biggest polluter)? More senseless legislation, in the name of the environment, that will (at best) be a net zero change in emissions.

    At the worst, we’ll end up creating more emissions, while still expanding an already dysfunctional government bent on controlling every aspect of your life while running the economy into the ground. I would challenge Mr. Sorrell to go door to door in rural Vermont and explain his intent in this suit. Better yet, I would urge everyone to reach out to him and express their opinions, as I doubt he will have the nerve to seek them himself.

    He may not respect our opinion, but he should still have to hear it.

    Keith Zandy


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