• Thanks for the good news
    September 18,2013

    Thanks for the good news

    Kudos to The Times Argus for putting the story “Step by step, athletes aid struggling stranger” on the front page. In case you missed it, the story by The Times Argus was about some UVM soccer players who came upon a man struggling along the trail to Bingham Falls in Stowe. The man had multiple sclerosis and wanted to see the falls before he couldn’t make the trek again. The players picked him up and helped him to the falls. In addition to the story, there was a picture of the players assisting the man.

    In this day and age when newspapers and newscasts are full of negative stories and bad news, it was refreshing to read this story and have it on the front page no less.

    I’m convinced for every bad thing that happens in a day that there are hundreds of good things that happen as well, but for some reason, we only hear about the bad ones.

    The only way this could have been topped was to have one more story make the front page. This one was about the couple in Ohio that had been married for 65 years and shared a room at the nursing home together who died 11 hours apart. In my opinion, that story deserved to make the front page as well.

    I hope The Times Argus will make it a habit to put these “feel good” stories on the front page for years to come.

    Marilyn Pearson


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