• Point needs clarification
    June 08,2013

    Point needs clarification

    On behalf of the volunteer staff of Kids Share Workshops, I would like to thank you and Gayle Hanson for her thoughtful article in your June 3 issue (ďKids Share workshops poised for takeoffĒ). Overall, the article captured the community spirit of KSW and the artistic vision of our founder and program director, Kristina Applegate.

    However, we must correct one error: Ms. Hanson erroneously reported that KSW is currently ďa $200,000 company.Ē

    The confusion stemmed from Ms. Hansonís interview with Ms. Applegate, during which she asked for the directorís business goals. Ms. Applegate replied that she would like KSW to be a $200,000 business by 2014. This was simply a projection provided in direct response to Ms. Hansonís query.

    From its inception, Kids Share Workshops has been solely a volunteer organization that has relied on donations of goods, services, funding and time to achieve our goal of awakening the artist and author inside every child. To date, we have not earned any profit at all. It is therefore of great importance to us that you print this correction to reassure our donors that their contributions have not been misused.

    Jennifer Ponte Canning

    Creative director

    Kids Share Workshops

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