• ANR won’t persue sewage spill
    April 19,2013

    ANR won’t persue sewage spill

    MONTPELIER — Agency of Natural Resources Waste Program Manager Ernie Kelley said Wednesday that the agency won’t pursue trying to track down who caused the back-up that dumped 360,000 gallons of sewage into the Winooski River at the base of Montpelier’s Taylor Street bridge during the weekend of March 10.

    “Even if we could find out who did it, we aren’t sure we could actually have a case that we could bring to court,” he said. “What it was was an act of vandalism on the part of person and persons unknown.”

    Kelley added that while a final decision hasn’t been made public, the agency was close to a determination to not hold the city accountable for the mishap.

    “As soon as the city got word, they addressed the problem and solved it within the hour,” he said.

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