• Moretown approves budgets, tar sands resolution
    March 06,2013

    MORETOWN — Voters approved a $1.07 million municipal budget, up 2.4 percent over last year’s request.

    The spending plan, which passed 247-80, features a $40,000 increase for town highway supplies, including $12,000 in new culvert expenses.

    Residents also approved a 5.1 percent increase in the elementary school budget, which will climb by $100,000 next year, to $2.05 million. That budget passed 204-122 by Australian ballot. Voters also approved Australian ballot measures seeking $10,000 for the upkeep of roads and bridges and $5,000 to supplement the budget for contracted law-enforcement services.

    In articles voted on from the floor, residents passed all but one proposal during a meeting attended by 55 residents. They allocated funding ranging from $200 to $2,500 to a variety of organizations.

    The only matter that failed to pass at the meeting was an item that would have required residents to pick up their annual report or view it online rather than have it mailed to their homes.

    Town meeting attendees also passed by a 54-1 vote a resolution opposing the transport of tar sands oil through the state, asking the state to support policies phasing out fuel purchases from vendors that use any form of tar sands, and asking that the Legislature and Congress review all environmental, health and safety effects of possible tar sands spills.

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