• Pedestiran panel to be formed
    March 02,2013

    MONTPELIER — After receiving an annual report that had recommendations about hazardous sidewalk issues, the City Council approved creating a pedestrian committee to help alleviate risks.

    An annual sidewalk report to the city noted that of 298 hazards identified, 209 were not corrected. Hazards cover issues like icy areas and puddling that could lead to pedestrians or commuters falling. Further, some repairs from last year were not staying intact, the report noted.

    Sidewalk Steward Harris Webster delivered the report to the council at its regular meeting. He also added that despite some 25 fixes last year, some repairs were not holding up well.

    The report also recommended that the city develop a pedestrian plan using citizens and the Public Works Department, among other findings.

    In other business Wednesday:

    Two District 3 candidates inquired at a public hearing during the meeting about one of two city bonds involving a sewer line improvement along River Street. The bond is for $670,000 or less. Candidate Jessica Edgerly Walsh asked how long the project would take and if traffic would be reduced to one lane.

    Public Works Director Todd Law said the project, which covers just west of the Formula Ford car dealership to Scribner Street, would take three to four months. He said because the sewer pipe is under the sidewalk for a large portion of River Street, two lanes of traffic should be able to be kept open for most of the time.

    Candidate Ron Wild asked about when the project work could be done and if there’s a performance incentive to the contract.

    Law said night work on a utilities project would be costlier, contrasting that with paving work. He also said the project calls for a deadline, where a crew that fails to meet the timetable is charged for the delays.

    The other bond is for $710,000 or less for improvements to sidewalks, retaining walls, storm drains and culverts.

    City Council member Anne Watson noted an energy fair will occur that provides home energy consultations and solar and wood-pellet contractors. The event, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Monday at National Life, features free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and Marko the Magician.

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