• Maybe it’s the water
    March 01,2013

    Maybe it’s the water

    Montpelier High School students once again led the state in math achievement test scores this fall. Sixty-one percent of our high school juniors were proficient in skills that ask for far more than simple number manipulation. To put that number in perspective, only 38 percent of juniors throughout the state meet the proficiency standard. Following similar success in 2011, the positive results deserve recognition. Montpelier High School has emphasized the support of math education consistent with state and national messages about the importance of math skills in preparing students for both college and career. In addition to math, our reading (83 percent proficient) and writing (60 percent proficient) scores show that the high school is providing a solid education. More telling, graduating MHS seniors are receiving the coveted letters from prestigious universities accepting them into their undergraduate programs.

    Matching past success, MHS seniors have already been accepted into Yale, Vassar, Johns Hopkins, Haverford, Middlebury and Bates, and these are only the schools providing early acceptance decisions. As the month of March progresses, regular admission letters promise to expand that list. For a public school with fewer than 100 graduating students per year, this kind of achievement is outstanding, matching private schools with hand-picked students and high tuitions. Education experts agree that success in school is a combination of good teachers, a range of academic and extracurricular activities and strong family and community support.

    That success for Montpelier students — maybe it’s the schools.

    Ken Jones


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