• Vote yes on circulator
    February 27,2013

    Vote yes on circulator

    Here are 6 reasons to vote “yes” on Article 14 to keep the Montpelier Circulator bus going:

    Ridership is growing: From July 2012 through June 2013, 11,667 people boarded the bus, up 74 percent for the same period last year.

    Convenience: Although the bus does not go everywhere in Montpelier, stops include the Recreation Field, North Branch Nature Center, CCV, Montpelier High School and Middle School, Washington County Mental Health/Heaton Woods, Freedom Drive, Hunger Mountain Co-op, Senior Center, downtown and the College Green, (winter farmers markets). GMTA offers on-board and call-in deviation requests of up to half-mile. Call 223-7287. For route information, see the GMTA schedule, Route 92, or http://gmtaride.org/PDF/Web%20Schedules/92.pdf.

    Economical: The bus is fare free; parking a car downtown costs 75 cents/hour, plus gas. GMTA will match $40,000 from the city (less than half-cent on the property tax) with $120,000. Environment: More bus riders means fewer cars downtown, less traffic congestion, cleaner air, less noise, less need for expanding parking at the expense of productive and recreational use of downtown space.

    Community: Public transit builds community. Rich, poor, and in between, students, seniors, parents with toddlers, people going to work, shop, or play, literally rub elbows on the bus.

    Montpelier voters like the Circulator: It passed overwhelmingly in 2011, its first year on the ballot; and again, in 2012. Over 800 voters signed the petition to put the Circulator on the ballot this year.

    Please keep the Circulator going by voting “yes” on Article 14; and keep it growing by taking the bus whenever you can.

    Michael Sherman


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