• Deny certificate of public good
    February 27,2013

    Deny certificate of public good

    I urge the Public Service Board to deny a Certificate of Public Good for Entergy’s Vermont Yankee plant.

    1. The irradiated nuclear waste continues to accumulate on the banks of the CT River with no plans for safe, permanent storage, either there or elsewhere in the nation.

    2. The plant is old, leaking tritium into the soil and ground water, and just another “incident,” or God-forbid, a Fukushima-type of disaster away from rendering the whole northeast uninhabitable for generations. These plants weren’t designed for more than 40 years and then to be propped up with duct tape. We’re coming up on 41 years in March.

    3. Vermont Yankee continues to pollute the Connecticut River and endanger wildlife there with its heated discharge water.

    4. Entergy is not a good corporate neighbor. Despite its assurances when it purchased the plant that it would close on time and not challenge the state’s oversight authority, they have lied (under oath), gone back on their word and tangled up the state in costly, drawn out legal challenges.

    5. Vermont’s Legislature and citizens have spoken loud and clear that we are through with VY and want it shut down, decommissioned and the land restored to green fields. Yet, this multi-million dollar corporation doesn’t even have the decency to supply the decommissioning fund with enough money.

    6. Vermont utilities no longer include Vermont Yankee in their portfolios.

    7. There is no realistic evacuation plan for a nuclear accident — never has been one. Planning an orderly evacuation for a major nuclear accident is an exercise in magical thinking.

    8. Finally, Vermonters have every right to be concerned for our safety and the safety of all living things here. Entergy hides behind the skirts of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s rules, saying we aren’t allowed to address safety. Nonsense! The NRC has proven again and again that it will not seriously regulate safety and it routinely rubber stamps every plant’s relicensing. It exists to cheerlead the nuclear industry and protect the producers. It does not protect us citizens. We therefore must be vigilant and refuse to be cowed by this corporate bully.

    Fletcher Dean

    East Calais

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