• Support the merger
    February 26,2013

    Support the merger

    My short note in this issue is to encourage your support and vote in favor of merging the government operations of the town and village of Northfield. We have for far too long been managing programs, projects, fiscal plans, policies, ordinances and personnel in Northfield as if we were two separate communities when in point of fact we are and have been for many years a single body politic with unified and overlapping, not separate, interests. When we could have been more effective in planning and execution of programs and in allocation of taxes and budgets, we have frequently been argumentative and divisive, forcing our staff and managers to wrestle with competing demands of two separate boards whose priorities have been as much competitive as they have been collaborative.

    Northfield is a single community. There arenít two Northfields. Everything we do is done in common. Even the utilities, which are managed at present by the village board, are a common interest and are crucial assets when considering the economic opportunity and future of our town. The merger committee and the legislative bodies have resolved a merger document that addresses the collective challenges of uniting two governing bodies and programs. This includes a deliberate process for continued management of the utility systems and payment of their capital debt from within the base of users.

    Please join in affirming that this is the right process and this is the right time to move away from the maze and disharmony of two disparate governing agencies and programs and to transition into the light of organization and unity.

    Mel Adams


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