• Town Meeting Preview: Montpelier
    February 23,2013


    City budget

    $11,410,248 — $300,220, or 2.7 percent, more than the current spending plan of $11,110,028, which includes library and petitioned ballot items. The total raised by taxes, if all ballot items pass, is a $170,767, or 2.1 percent, increase to $8,124,190.

    Funding for the library includes a $42,378 bond payment in the municipal budget ballot article as well as a petition item to appropriate $308,673 for the July 2013 to June 2014 fiscal year, a $14,698, or nearly 5 percent, increase from the current year. The library says the cost of services has increased.

    School budget

    $17,359,522 — $1,205,732, or 7.46 percent, more than this year’s budget of $16,153,790. The increase is driven by health insurance and salary increases across the district and special education costs.

    State law requires the vote to be divided because the district’s spending per pupil last year was more than the statewide average and this year’s proposed budget is greater than last year’s budget adjusted for inflation.

    Part A. Shall the voters authorize the school district to expend $16,970,390?

    Part B. If Part A is approved by the voters, shall the voters of the school district also authorize the school board to expend $389,132?

    A $2.3 million bond for infrastructure improvements across the district will be a special article. The board has deemed the expenses as essential, covering leaky roofs, a district heat hook-up to a new city pipeline for Union Elementary School and certain bathroom repairs, among other items.

    Special articles

    Shall the voters authorize the City Council to borrow a sum not to exceed $710,000 for street improvements including sidewalks, retaining walls, storm drains and culverts?

    Shall the voters authorize the City Council to borrow a sum not to exceed $670,000 for sewer line improvements in and around River Street?

    Shall the city raise $75,000 by levying a special assessment on properties within Montpelier’s Designated Downtown not used entirely for residential purposes?

    Shall the registered voters of the city of Montpelier, appropriate an additional $54,669 (cut by the City Council) into the Fire Department budget for the sole purpose of retaining the full-time firefighter/EMT position in an effort to maintain the current safety and staffing levels? (By Petition)

    Shall the city of Montpelier appropriate the sum of $40,000 towards the Montpelier Circulator year-round bus route within the city of Montpelier? This $40,000 will match approximately $120,000 from GMTA to fully fund the service for a third year of operation. (This amount is in addition to the $29,371 for other GMTA services which is included in the city general fund budget). (By Petition)

    Shall the voters instruct officials to approve a resolution expressing opposition to the transportation of tar sands oil through Vermont, require fuel vendors doing business with the city to provide information on the origins of the fuel that’s sold, and phase out municipal fuel purchases that use tar sands?

    Contested races

    Four City Council candidates will seek one open seat in District 3. They are Steven Cook, Zack Hughes, Jessica Edgerly Walsh and Ron Wild. The term is two years.

    Meeting location

    Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on March 5.

    A public bond hearing is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Feb. 27 at the high school.


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