• Shut down Yankee
    February 21,2013

    I submit Entergy is not lying. Is a child lying when they tell Santa they have been good, just to get what they want? In the child’s mind keeping Santa happy is all that matters.

    In a corporation where saying anything to appease the public is a way of life, is it any wonder that since litigation keeps the plant running and the profits coming in Entergy will say they don’t want to go to court? That safety is the magic word needed to apply to anything that challenges their profit margins now? That past record is no indication of future actions? That trust is recognized as a place to hold money not a reliance on another person or entity to follow through on their word? That the need to fund a trust for future decommissioning is not relevant? That they would not challenge state authority over the plant and wield a team of lawyers who are doing just that in the procedural process at hand? That they can sit on their collective butts instead of being pro-active in the certificate renewal process and then claim the Legislature is responsible for the delay, not them?

    Face value, simply put, Entergy is not a company that understands respect, honesty, integrity and truth — ideas still valued here in Vermont.

    The sooner Vermont Yankee is decommissioned, the site cleaned up and Entergy out of our lives the better.

    Deny a new CPG.

    Shut down Vermont Yankee now and mandate Entergy pay the decommissioning and radioactive waste cleanup cost.

    Al Blakey


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