• Town Meeting Preview: Plainfield
    February 20,2013


    Town budget

    @Body Ragged Right:$385,459.48 — $23,015.33, or 5.97 percent, more than this year’s budget of $362.444.15.

    Highway budget

    @Body Ragged Right:$483,281 — $24,685.86, or 5.1 percent, more than this year’s budget of $458,595.14.

    School budget

    @Body Ragged Right:$6,687,585 — $344,688, or 5.4 percent, more than this year’s budget of $6,342,897.

    Special articles

    @Body Ragged Right:Shall the town voters authorize the appropriation of $33,000 to the Cutler Memorial Library to pay for the librarian and the purchase of books and materials to support the mission of the library?

    Shall the town voters oppose the construction of the Goddard College wood-chip incinerator until such time as the nano-particle pollution dispersed into the atmosphere of Plainfield be proven not to be a health hazard to the residents therof?

    Shall the voters instruct officials to approve a resolution expressing opposition to the transportation of tar sands oil through Vermont, require fuel vendors doing business with the town to provide information on the origins of the fuel that’s sold, and phase out municipal fuel purchases that use tar sands?

    Shall the town proceed with the work necessary to reopen the Plainfield Town Hall/Opera House using $15,000 in town tax revenue as a portion of the total cost of the work? This work will also be supported by a grant from the Vermont Arts Council, and a loan from the town’s Revolving Loan Fund.

    Shall the town vote to accept a grant from the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board for exterior maintenance work to the Plainfield Town Hall/Opera House if it is awarded?

    Shall the town prepare plans and specifications for the renovation and maintenance of the Municipal Building in enough detail so that it can be voted on at a future town meeting?

    Contested races

    @Body Ragged Right:No contested races

    Meeting location

    @Body Ragged Right:Plainfield residents will gather for a floor meeting at Twinfield Union School at 10 a.m. on March 5 to vote on money matters. Election of town officials will take place by Australian ballot from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Twinfield Union School.


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