• The proposals, A to E
     | February 15,2013

    Black River Design Architects presented five options Wednesday night for a new municipal complex in Waterbury that includes the Police Department, Waterbury Public Library, Waterbury Historical Society and a community space.

    n Option A calls for converting Wasson Hall at the state office complex into a two-floor police station and Stanley Hall into municipal offices with some functions on the second floor as well as a ground-level community space. A large single-floor library would be built between the two buildings. The estimated cost is $7.95 million, of which $2.4 million is due to raising both buildings above ground level.

    n Option B proposes raising Wasson Hall, demolishing Stanley Hall and adding $5.7 million in new construction, for a $7.98 million total project. Wasson Hall would be converted into the community space, and the Stanley Hall site would have the municipal offices and police station, which would be closest to Park Row and have underground parking. A single-floor library space would be connected between the buildings and jut out in the direction of South Main Street.

    n Option C — dubbed the “Kim Brown Option” after a community member who drafted the idea n includes a new look for Stanley Hall, where the sides of the building would be renovated but the middle would be demolished so a two-floor library could be built in the middle. The cost is $6.94 million, but the plan doesn’t have as much space as affected parties envisioned. Wasson Hall would not be part of the proposal.

    n Option D would demolish both existing buildings at a cost of $1.05 million, creating one long building raised a story above the ground, which a principal for the architecture firm, Jim Drummond, likened to a coastal condo that could have parking underneath for 40 to 50 vehicles. A hill could be landscaped on one end from the ground to the bottom of the building, possibly creating community uses for the green space. The estimate includes $6.4 million in new construction for a total of $7.56 million.

    n Option E features a more modern design, where a newly constructed raised building would be in the shape of a boomerang or slanted “L” as viewed from the top. A one-floor library would be oriented north to south, maximizing daylight. A berm could be built leading up to one side of the building, and parking would be underneath. The total cost is estimated at $7.2 million.

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