• Support the bottle bill
    February 09,2013

    Support the bottle bill

    As a redemption center owner I see the benefits of the bottle bill every day.

    The current bottle bill has an 85 percent return rate, much more successful than any other recycling program in the state. In fact the return rate is more than double any other recycling program.

    The redemption system employs hundreds of Vermonters in green jobs, keeps litter down and is a great fundraising source for community groups, such as the Boy Scouts, class trips, Project Graduation, youth sports and the humane society, to name a few.

    I have owned and operated a redemption center since 1990 and have seen numerous studies, surveys and proposed bills to expand the scope of the bottle bill to include additional containers such as water bottles, sports drinks and tea drinks, but they have been rejected due to the powerful influence of corporate lobbyists.

    Expanding the bottle bill to include the above mentioned containers is common sense.

    Why not expand on the most successful program currently in place and working?

    I urge you to support S.65, a bill in the Senate proposed by Sens. Pollina, Doyle and Zuckerman that would result in a bigger, better bottle bill.

    Bob Harrington


    The writer is owner of Beverage Baron.

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