• Union denounces police assertion
     | February 08,2013

    DANVILLE — In response to a Vermont State Police news release Wednesday about a “suspicious couple” approaching homes in Danville and Walden, the union that sent the couple out to campaign for it is calling the state police “irresponsible” and “disparaging.”

    The news release by state police Wednesday was titled “Suspicious Incident in Danville and Walden.” State police said they had received two reports of a man and a woman handing out pamphlets with a union’s web address on them.

    In a statement by New England’s Homecare Union, the union’s state director, Matt McDonald, was quoted as saying he respects and appreciates the state police’s hard work but found the news release “baffling.”

    “The choice of the Vermont State Police to identify our effort as a ‘suspicious incident’ and to do so in such a public manner is disparaging to the work of our members, damaging to our excellent reputation, and, we believe, irresponsible,” McDonald said in the statement.

    McDonald said what the couple was doing was completely legal in trying to drum up support for a union for home care workers in Vermont. He also said all of the union’s organizers wear clearly displayed credentials giving their name and affiliation with the union.

    “The work of home care providers allows almost 10,000 Vermont seniors and people with disabilities to live independently at home, but due to the nature of their work, it is necessary to reach out to home care workers using door-to-door campaigns to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard,” the statement said.

    The state police did not immediately give any comment after being asked.

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