• School needs officer
    February 05,2013

    School needs officer

    In reference to the article in the Jan. 25 Times Argus regarding the drunken grandfather that showed up at Barre City Elementary School, there are some very important facts that were left out:

    First, a secretary at the school and a teacher were the ones that reported a very erratic driver headed to our school, as well as a bus driver who was in the parking lot at the time of his arrival, who reported that the driver almost hit two school buses when he pulled into the lot.

    The driver also parked in a handicapped area.

    Our School Resource Officer, Jason Fleury, was the police officer who was instrumental in handling this very volatile situation. After the man arrived in the main office seemingly impaired. When Jason realized how impaired the man was, he took him away from the main office to the principalís office. The man told both Jason and the principal that he had a handgun in his possession. He was searched, handcuffed, and removed by Fleury.

    This is just one of the many serious incidents Jason Fleury has dealt with while being our School Resource Officer. Every man, woman and child in this school feels better just knowing that we have a dedicated protector looking after our welfare. This incident is just one of the many reasons we need Json Fleury in our school.

    Estelle McPherson


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