• Working parents need EITC
    February 02,2013

    Working parents need EITC

    Iíve been a working mother for 18 years. For nearly 10 of those years, I worked low-wage jobs that didnít provide sick days, vacations, or healthcare. It was a struggle to pay my bills, afford rent, and pay for childcare so I could get to work. Every year, I looked forward to filing my taxes so I could get a return, which went to my debt because I often put groceries on my Mastercard or Visa. I was stuck in a poverty spiral, all because I didnít earn a livable wage.

    Both the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and limited childcare subsidies I received were crucial to my survival. The governorís plan to shift money from the EITC to increase funding for childcare is a terrible idea ó akin to robbing Peter to pay Paul.

    For months, Iíve heard this administration say that theyíve ďexhausted all optionsĒ with the budget. Iíve got a great idea: How about looking at the elephant in the room and raise taxes on the rich that can afford it?

    Rather than bear the burden of our fiscal woes on the backs of struggling people, why not ask those who earn their wealth through the finance industry instead of wages to pay more of their fair share? Itís time the rich tightened their belts instead of holding the rest of us in a demoralizing spiral of poverty and struggle. Itís time for our leaders to Put People First, starting right here in Vermont.

    Heather Pipino


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