• Enough is enough with dogs
    January 23,2013

    It has come to pass that I am forced to speak up and not keep my mouth shut anymore. The topic? Other people’s dog crap on my lawn, and dogs not on a leash.

    Sorry, folks, but when walking your dogs please bring a plastic bag with you to clean up after it. We have a dog and truly love it just like a part of the family — when we walk our dog, we always clean up after it, and it’s always on a leash — after all, it is polite to do so.

    I live in Graniteville (part of the town of Barre) right on the Williamstown town line. There is a leash law in Barre Town, and I quote, “Effective March 7, 2007, there is a leash law in Barre Town.” This can be found here: www.barretown.org/Pages/dept/admin/dog.html.

    In Williamstown, the leash law states, “RUNNING AT LARGE: all dogs and wolf hybrids within the Town of Williamstown shall be restrained from running at large off the property of the owner. A dog or wolf hybrid shall be deemed to be restrained from running at large when it is kept within an enclosure on the property of its owner or keeper or is kept on a leash, or is under the immediate control of a competent and responsible attendant.” This can be found here: www.williamstownvt.org/dog_pet_ordinance.html.

    The short of it is this: Keep your dog on a leash, don’t let it run loose off from your property, and when you’re walking it (on a leash), please clean up after it.

    I will enforce this by reporting to the authorities if this is not done. Sorry, folks, but this is common sense.

    Do unto others as you would them do unto you. Thank you.

    Timothy R. Barre


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