• Not a great world today
    January 05,2013

    Not such a great world anymore

    Talking with a relative the other day, the conversation came up on how a lot of companies do not have any compassion or courteous customer care anymore. Some are downright rude. Everyone is out for the almighty dollar now. Remember when paying on a bill every month didn’t get you disconnected, or they would work with you to get it straightened out?

    Even going into some area stores around central Vermont you can run into rude workers, unhelpful customer service, and the “I am too busy to help you” attitude.

    And let’s not forget the phones you have to call with all of the options to listen to. Then they wonder why you are irritable when you do get someone.

    I can certainly see why some people fly off the handle and go in shooting the place up in some situations. They have taken all they can take.

    Employers have no loyalties anymore to the employees and just use them for the time they need them and then let them go. They expect more and more from them for less and less pay. There are no benefits to help the workers out anymore. Then they wonder why the help is not loyal? Vicious circle we are in, and it will only get worse.

    People used to say, “Excuse me,” if they cut in front of you. Now it is a push aside and an “I am in a hurry here.”

    It’s a no-respect world we live in now. And there is absolutely no common sense. And we are discussing packing guns in schools for our kids’ safety?

    What happens if someone is having a bad day, yells a bit and reaches for their cellphone. Will the teacher think a student is going for a gun?

    I do not like where I see our world is headed. And no one can seem to stop it.

    God help us all. (Yup, I said the G word.)

    Linda Fordham

    West Berlin

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