• Twisting the truth
    December 01,2012

    Twisting the truth

    Itís unfortunate that in his Nov. 29 letter regarding U.S. support to Israel that Bill Rice finds it necessary to repeat an anti-Semitic fabrication commonly seen on anti-Israel blogs. The quote, supposedly from Ariel Sharon, was initially ďreportedĒ (invented) by the ďIslamic Association for PalestineĒ in 2001 and has been repeated by people such as Huffington Post commentator Jeff Gates without regard for its actual veracity.

    I would encourage Mr. Rice to abandon his usual websites in favor of more reality based sites so he can discover what other things he firmly believes to be true but are actually false. And to not trust implicitly things he reads on random blogs just because he hopes they are true.

    As a famous statesman once said, ďThe trouble with quotes on the Internet is that it is overly difficult to determine if they are genuine.Ē ó Abraham Lincoln, Oct. 3, 1863.

    Patrick Cashman


    Editorís note: Mr. Cashmanís erroneous quote was left in to demonstrate his point.

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