• Springfield Man sold heroin from parents’ home, police say
     | November 26,2012

    Dylan Davis, 21, of Springfield was caught in three separate drug sting operations allegedly selling heroin right from his bedroom and from his bicycle around town.

    WHITE RIVER JUNCTION — A 21-year-old Springfield man who allegedly sold heroin from his bedroom on the second floor of his parents’ house, with his customers reportedly greeting his parents on their way upstairs, is now facing multiple felony charges.

    Dylan Davis pleaded innocent last week in White River Junction criminal court to three counts of selling heroin which together carry a maximum potential penalty of up to 35 years in prison if he is convicted.

    Detectives said the Southeastern Vermont Drug Task Force began investigating Davis in May after a cooperating informant approached them saying that Davis, a 2009 Springfield High School graduate who did not have a car, was riding around town on his bicycle selling a variety of drugs.

    In early May, a police surveillance team set up shop around the Davis residence a short distance from the Springfield dam and watched as the informant went inside and emerged a short time later with five bags of heroin stamped with street brand names “McDonalds” and “100% Off.” The informant told detectives that they had gone into the home without knocking and “said ‘hello’ to Davis’ mother and father on the first floor before going upstairs to buy the bags of heroin from Davis and then leaving approximately four minutes later.”

    Detectives said two other stings against Davis were then conducted in downtown Springfield where Davis arrived as the passenger in a car driven by others. On those occasions, Davis allegedly sold the informant ten bags of heroin marked “The Champ is Here” in red ink and then 40 bags of heroin with the street name “Reaper” in blue ink printed on them.

    Davis, who has prior violations of release conditions and a revocation of probation on his criminal record, was ordered to post $2,500 bail and not to leave Windsor County while his case is pending.

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