• The governor's agenda
    November 18,2012

    @Normal:The governor’s agenda

    So the details finally come out in the cozy relationship between the governor and Green Mountain Power’s Mary Powell.

    It turns out this crazy push for large-scale wind development and saving the environment isn’t all it was cracked up to be. Mostly it is just a bunch of hot air.

    It is all part of the governor’s agenda to get rid of Vermont Yankee, Mary Powell’s plan to boost the budget of Green Mountain Power, and Gaz Metro of Canada’s plan to build a pipeline through Vermont and sell gas.

    How does large-scale wind development come into the picture? Well, wind requires a back-up. Coal plants can’t come on fast enough when the wind stops, so gas is the natural alternative. The more wind you have, the more gas you need to burn.

    Thus, enter Gaz Metro.

    Turns out developing wind isn’t really about saving the environment after all. It is just a front for Canada to sell us more fossil fuel.

    That explains why the governor supported Gaz Metro’s push to consolodate and then-purchase GMP and CVPS. And why the he gave Gaz Metro and GMP the $21 million that

    was supposed to be returned to the rate payers. Why he was so supportive of the wind industry and GMP’s push to bulldoze over the Lowell, Sheffield, Searsburg and Castleton ridgelines.

    That is also why GMP and CVPS organized and then ponied up money for the governor’s elaborate innaugural ball.

    This complicated web all comes together eventually. Now we just have to wait for “Phase ll” — the massive transmission lines and gas lines that will cut through the spine of the state from Canada to Bennington.

    Paid for with your tax dollars and included in your electric bill.

    All for fossil fuel.

    Now if we could just figure out which one has the stock in Gaz Metro ...

    Greg Bryant


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