• Final week of work
    November 12,2012

    Luck Brothers Inc. has completed the bulk of their work for this season. We have one small item to attend to so you may see some activity in the intersection where Main Street meets South Main Street next week. The striping subcontractor will be working on Keith Avenue, Main Street and Prospect Street. Keith Avenue will be opening up on Tuesday, Nov. 13. Keep alert and make sure you pay attention when advanced warning signs, message boards, or flaggers make our presence known.

    Thanks to VTrans, the city of Barre, and all of the local subcontractors whose hard work made the “Big Dig” a success. Some work relationships, as well as friendships, were forged that won’t be forgotten. And, once again, thanks to the residents, merchants and general public of Barre for your patience and understanding.

    We look forward to returning next spring to complete final paving, redo the sidewalk in front of City Hall, mill and pave the Summer Street detour, and take care of other miscellaneous items.

    If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the Barre “Big Dig” project please contact me by cell at (518)578-9629 or by email beth@luckbros.com. If there is no answer, please leave a message. The office number is (802)-479-5775. We may be around occasionally this winter but do not rely on the local number if you have an immediate concern or question.

    Be sure to continue to check out the We Dig Barre website at www.wedigbarre.com for local updates, a look ahead at 2013, and a computerized look at North Main Street, or simply come on down and check it out in person.

    Beth LeClair

    Luck Bros. Inc.

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