• We must work together
    April 18,2012

    @Normal:We must work together

    Every day we are faced with choices that affect the way we think, what we believe, and ultimately the rest of our lives. I want my future to be bright with promise of a healthy society, and a healthy environment. I grew up in Vermont, and I plan to go to college in Vermont next year. My future, and the state’s future, depends on the production of clean, local, renewable energy. Relying on dirty and dangerous sources like Vermont Yankee for our state’s energy is quite simply, unsustainable. We need to look to developing cleaner energy sources like wind and solar. If Vermont is able to generate 25 percent of its electricity from wind power by 2025, we could save New England from a projected 1.27 billion pounds of carbon dioxide output, which is equivalent to taking 111,000 cars off the road. Wind turbines are an amazing reminder of the clean energy that they’re producing. These big friendly giants are giving the public a renewable source of energy while protecting our environment and providing good local jobs that are geared towards creating a better future for Vermont. Wind power needs to be a part of Vermont’s future, and we as Vermonters need to make the choice to include them in our green state. Your future and mine depend on it. Make the choice that will positively affect the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the way we can live, together. Karla Clithero Worcester

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