• Vote no on the budget
    March 02,2012

    @Normal:Vote no on the budget

    Barre City voters have a lot to consider this year.

    Barre City has the second highest tax rate in the state. That is a very dubious distinction. Until we make drastic changes, businesses and families will not be encouraged to move here. If we continue down this path of increasing taxes many of you may find yourselves paying more in taxes than you do for your mortgage in a few years.

    The recession has hit most of us very hard. Weíve all been forced to curtail our spending. When we donít have money at home, we donít spend it. Government doesnít quite work that way. In the last eight years our city has raised the budget over 40 percent. We are on a completely unsustainable path. Barre City needs to do an about face, and reduce the spending that has driven our living costs much higher than the national average. Your elected officials will not reign in spending until you force us to do so.

    I fear that this budget vote will pass, and city officials will continue to take that as a mandate to continue spending toward a path of economic doom. Iím voting no on the budget, and I hope you will, too.

    Dominic Etli

    Barre City


    The writer is a city councilor from Ward 1.

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