• Bullies all around
    April 18,2012

    @ecxmsonormal:Bullies all around

    I applaud Rep. Bill Lippert, D-Hinesburg, in his battle against bullying in Vermont schools. Vermont legislators also need to take a thorough look at Vermont’s own state agencies and ofices that condone harassment and bullying. Many state employees are systematically bullied and harassed by their supervisors, and even worse by appointed and elected officials. Unfortunately, bullying in the workplace is not even acknowledged, there are no laws to protect workers against being bullied in the workplace.

    The inexcusable conduct of these bullies’ causes stress and health issues for all the employees involved.

    It escalated feelings of fear, anxiety, and tension in a hostile workplace. Once the bully sets the target, employees are systematically badgered, belittled, and bullied into resigning, retiring, or even dismissed from their positions.

    @Body Text:To quote Rep. Lippert in a recent WCAX TV segment, “Harassment legislation is specific to protected groups such as sexual orientation, race, gender and etc. Bullying can take place for the same groups of students, but it can also take place because someone doesn’t like the way you look, because they don’t like where you live or who your family members are”.

    The same bullying applies to employees. If the Legislature can require every school in the state of Vermont to have a written bullying prevention policy in place, then why not within its own rank and file? The results are the same for all those targeted, be it a student or an employee.

    @Normal:Lawmakers need to enact legislation that changes the way the state defines and responds to bullying in the workplace. If a kid is a bully on the playground, chances are they’ll grow up to be a bully in the boardroom. Legislators, employer bullying is immoral, make it illegal.

    Skip Perkins


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