• Fix the oil crisis
    April 11,2012

    Fix the oil crisis

    I canít believe I havenít seen one letter from people complaining about the price of gas. Thatís exactly what the oil industry was banking on, everyone getting complacent. Did you hear Obama on TV saying there is no quick fix? It only took a quick stroke of the pen by Clinton to take off the regulations on oil. It would only take a stroke of the pen to put them back on, but they donít want to do that because the oil companies fund their campaigns with millions of dollars.

    Did you notice that the only time they talk about the cost of gas is when there is an election? The only thing thatís going to happen is we will soon be back into a recession. People just donít have the money to spend on anything other than fuel in their car or home. Meanwhile, the oil companies are laughing all the way to the bank.

    There are a number of ways Congress could lower the price of oil and gas, including put the regulations back in place, outlaw all lobbying and speculation, and stop shipping half our oil out of the country to inflate prices. You would think they would realize our economy revolves around the cost of energy but I guess when you have a group of spineless people in Congress and the Senate nothing is ever going to get done.

    Sheridan Fassett


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