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    March 29,2012

    From a Tourist, March 2024

    I am writing to your paper to thank all the wonderful people of Vermont for making our recent vacation so enjoyable. We had heard so much about the beauty and free spirit of Vermonters, we just had to come see for ourselves.

    Your State is to be congratulated for being the first state in the US to completely stop using fossil fuels. Despite warnings to the contrary, we found that the Green Mountains contrasted so well with the flickering white outline of those 29,000 wind generators on most of the mountain ridges.

    We rented an electric car in Montpelier for some day trips. The views from the roads were, of course, blocked by all those giant solar panels — especially up toward Stowe — but we were able to stop and walk around them to do our sightseeing.

    The bed-and-breakfast in Montpelier was also great and we hardly noticed the rolling blackouts. It is such a shame that those Canadian electric companies had to stop selling electricity to Vermont since their government mandated that “Canadian electricity is for Canadians.” I’m sure that Vermont will recover some of their baseload power when they complete the new solar panels along all the interstate highway medians.

    I agree with your vote back in 2013 to not use nuclear generated power but I will have to admit that the Pebble Bed Reactors that Boston and 37 other states have installed seem to be working out pretty good. With no rods, cooling water or towers and with the walk-away-safety features, it seems to have calmed the fears of most of the protesters. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks.

    Tom Watkins


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