• Same old distortions
    March 29,2012

    Same old distortions

    Once again, John “Same Old Story” McClaughry is hectoring progressives about the evil of their ways. This time, rising gas prices are analyzed, and his thesis is the same as always — any regulation of any business anywhere or at any time will send the Earth careening in a flaming ball of fire straight to hell.

    If only we could drill domestically, Same Old moans, if only we let the Keystone XL pipeline be built, gas would be cheaper than water. Of course, he leaves some information out — probably because of space constraints.

    The fact is that the United States produces more oil now than it did in the glory days of George W. Bush, and has more rigs in operation than the rest of the world combined. Broadly increased domestic drilling will not lower the price of gas in any significant way. That’s because rising gas prices are a result of increased demand in India and China, political instability in the Middle East, speculation in the futures markets, and oil-industry gouging.

    In addition, Same Old neglects to mention that if Keystone XL were built, the oil it carried would be shipped to China anyway. The deal already is in place, and the United States won’t get a drop of Keystone oil no matter what.

    John McClaughry is well aware that green energy would allow us to reduce our dependence on oil — and would bring new life to our economy by allowing small, smart businesses to bloom. But he won’t ever say this publicly. That’s because he is only happy when ordinary people are dependent on giant corporations, and corporate fat cats are living large. Same Old Story get misty-eyed about the Founding Fathers who freed our nation from tyranny. But to him, true freedom is anathema.

    Gary Miller


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