• Vote no on child care union
    March 28,2012

    Vote no on child care union

    The Vermont Legislature is considering a bill that would raise the cost of child care for Vermonters and force me and my fellow child care providers to join a union against our will, or pay into a union that we have no interest in.

    I have been a registered home childcare provider for 10 years. I work hard to provide quality child-care for busy families. Home-based child care providers should be paid more, receive professional development training and be valued by society for caring for the most important group in our society — our children. But this bill, which passed the Vermont House of Representatives last year, is not the answer.

    The changes the AFT is promoting could be accomplished without taking hard earned money out of my pocket. In other states that have unionized, dues range from $500 to $900. An increase this large in my budget would require a rate increase for my families.

    A union would be a stumbling block in communicating with the state. We already have direct access to representatives throughout the state. The union would become the “exclusive representative” for child care workers in communications with the state, silencing our individual voices.

    Legally Exempt providers in Vermont, who outnumber registered home providers, may not know they are covered under this bill. These relatives and friends caring for children so their parents can work and the caregiver can collect subsidy on behalf of the family. They have a right to thoroughly understand this bill and the impact it will have on them.

    I believe this bill is bad public policy and I am not alone in my belief that unionizing childcare providers would be to the detriment of the home childcare business and the hard working families we serve. Please, Senators, vote against this bill.

    April Jolley

    Jolley Child Care

    Barre City

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